Rey Mysterio Has Not Exercised His Opt-Out Clause, Likely To Re-Sign With WWE

There have been a lot of rumors circulating surrounding Rey Mysterio’s WWE status over the past few weeks and the fact that he was thrown off the roof at Money in the Bank only served to fan the flames.

Mysterio is a former World Champion, but last night he was seemingly written off TV for a while after being blinded against the steel steps in an attack by Seth Rollins. It’s become well-known that Mysterio’s contract with WWE expires in September but even though there were reports of the Master of the 619 heading over to AEW, WWE could be set to re-sign him.

Paul Davis of recently provided an update on Mysterio’s WWE status where he stated that Mysterio had decided not to exercise his opt-out clause.

“Several months ago, I noted that Rey Mysterio had the option to leave WWE if he chose to exercise the opt-out clause in his contract. Mysterio did not exercise that option so his contract is now due to expire this fall, sometime around September. He signed a two-year deal in September 2018 with an opt-out option after the first 18 months. The reason why he chose to sign a short contract rather was because he wanted to keep his options open and he wanted to see how his body would hold up.”

Davis went on to state that Mysterio could have his head turned by AEW, but Dave Meltzer believes that the former WWE Champion isn’t going anywhere.

“I wouldn’t rule out a jump to All Elite Wrestling for Mysterio since he is friends with several people who work there and he worked on the All In show in 2018, despite WWE’s attempts to get him to pull out of the show. If Mysterio signs another WWE contract, he will likely be locked in for 3-5 years as Vince McMahon is looking for long-term commitments to keep wrestlers away from AEW.”