Rey Mysterio Reportedly Met With WWE Executives to Discuss New Deal

Rey Mysterio’s WWE contract expired last month but he continued to appear on television on the basis of a handshake deal. The masked veteran then lost his eye to Seth Rollins in the “Eye For An Eye” match at The Horror Show At Extreme Rules. Now, it appears that Rey could be getting his vision back following the recent ordeal.

On PW Insider Elite audio, Mike Johnson reported that Mysterio has met with WWE executives at the Global Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut to discuss the terms of a new contract. It’s unknown whether both sides were able to reach an agreement.

Mr. 619 was backstage during the RAW tapings this past Monday. Obviously, WWE didn’t use him, but in his promo, Rollins left the door open for Mysterio’s return. If the masked veteran does sign a new deal, then WWE can declare that the doctors were able to save his eye and fans can witness Rey and Rollins go at it again.

A couple of days ago, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio had noted that WWE believes Mysterio will indeed sign a new deal sooner than later.

The expectation stems from the fact that the former World Champion wants Dominick to succeed in the company, and hence he will do whatever it takes to give his son the best possible shot in the crowded promotion.

Dominick’s immediate future in WWE completely depends on his father’s next move, but it’s still uncertain whether Mysterio will sign with the billion-dollar promotion since Vince McMahon has already declined his request for a raise.

It remains to be seen what goes down between WWE and Mysterio. Given SummerSlam is around the corner and WWE wants the biggest names on the card, it’s possible that they will manage to pin the legendary high flyer to a brand new deal.