Rey Mysterio Reportedly Taken off WWE TV to Get Dominick Ready Before His Retirement

Rey Mysterio was attacked on Monday Night Raw by Seth Rollins a few weeks ago where he had his eye pushed against the steel steps.

The former World Champion was then written off WWE TV before The Monday Night Messiah planned his retirement party, even though he failed to retire.

It’s been a strange storyline, but it has been a decent way for WWE to bring Dominick back into the equation.

According to a report by Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, Dominick is the main reason why Mysterio has requested some time off so that he can head back home and continue working with his son.

“At the moment, there is a bit of a distance between him[Dominick] and his trainers because of the furlough and the people being released and because of the pandemic as it were”

“But he has kept training with his father, which is one of the reasons why Rey is taking this time off right now, why he’s taken the time to go home so that he can work with Dominick, get him up to speed because it is getting closer because Rey Mysterio leaving the company or retiring is also getting closer.”

“It was only an 18-month contract after all. And he wants to work with Dominick. So Dominick needs to be ready sooner rather than later.”