Rey Mysterio Reportedly Turned Down a Huge Contract Offer From AEW

Rey Mysterio lost his Eye for an Eye match with Seth Rollins back at Extreme Rules in July so that the former World Champion could take some time away from WWE and negotiate a new contract.

Mysterio worked a number of matches for WWE this year without a contract and there were some rumors linking him to a move to AEW.

Mysterio had previously performed for the company at All In, back in 2018, before returning to WWE.

While it’s now been reported that Mysterio has signed a new deal with WWE which is believed to be for around three years.

The Wrestling Observer confirmed earlier today that the former World Champion turned down a contract offer from AEW in order to re-sign with WWE.

“They did sign Rey and Rey could have gone to AEW and they know that know Rey got a huge offer to go to AEW [and he] stayed.”

“That’s a feather in the cap too. I don’t want to say they owe him because they don’t owe anyone anything but Rey had no contract. Rey could have walked in AEW in the middle of this program. He wasn’t gonna do it because he’s Rey and he told them he wouldn’t and no matter what he wouldn’t. But the point is that legally he could have.”

“I know that loyalty to Vince is a one-way street – you have to be loyal to him and he doesn’t have to be loyal to you but there is something to that right now but he’ll probably forget it at some point too, down the line. Usually, it’s sooner than later.”

Mysterio is currently sidelined for up to two months with a partial tricep tear.