Ric Flair Set to Become a Victim of The Legend Killer?

Edge wasn’t supposed to suffer an injury at Backlash, which has left WWE trying to create a storyline for Randy Orton to cover for the fact that their feud should have lasted up until SummerSlam.

Orton’s return to his Legend Killer persona has allowed him to claim Christian as another of his victims and last night he almost claimed R-Truth.

Over the past few weeks, his former Evolution teammate Ric Flair has been in his corner and has helped him to get over as a monster heel, but last night he made it clear that he wasn’t happy with his actions and actually tried to prevent him from attacking R-Truth.

Next week on Raw, Orton will wrestle The Big Show in another unsanctioned match, but following a backstage segment this week, it was revealed that Show and Flair are good friends and the match has put The Nature Boy in an awkward position.

While it could have been written this way to make it seem as though Flair could turn on Orton in the near future, Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer recently claimed that WWE is making it clear that Flair is about to become one of Orton’s next victims.

Flair is 71 years old and reports recently suggested that WWE won’t allow him to become a physical part of the storyline, but it’s likely that the two-time WWE Hall of Famer is working hard to get cleared so that he can take an RKO in the near future.