Ric Flair Was Originally Set to Remain With Randy Orton Through SummerSlam

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw ended on an emotional note when Randy Orton turned on his long-time friend and mentor and added him to his list of legends who have been punt kicked.

The Legend Killer and The Nature Boy delivered some emotional promos before The Viper struck and low-blowed the former World Champion before delivering his infamous punt kick.

While there were reports ahead of the show that Flair was set to be written off WWE TV, this wasn’t the original plan. Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda revealed on the most recent episode of Dropkick DiSKussions that Flair was set to be in Orton’s corner at SummerSlam but these plans were changed at the last minute.

“Essentially what I’m reporting is that Flair was still supposed to be there come SummerSlam. He should have been in Randy Orton’s corner, and then after that, we would have had a segment similar to this but not the same.”

“But with the health situation changing both personally which pertains to Ric Flair and company-wide, the decision was made last week, quite the last second, to write him off.”

“As such, we had quite a real promo from both men because they didn’t have much to go on. They weren’t given much writing to essentially say, ‘go on out there and hit these exact notes’. So that’s close to very real promos from both guys, with some editing where they would write off a few lines and so on and so forth.”