Rob Gronkowski Reportedly Released By WWE Following Title Loss on Raw

Last night on RAW, Rob Gronkowski lost the 24/7 Championship to R-Truth to mark his WWE exit ahead of the upcoming NFL season.

WrestlingInc is reporting that WWE has released Gronkowski. The NFL star exercised a release clause in his contract to part ways with WWE just two months following his debut on SmackDown. Gronk could still make appearances for WWE in a non-wrestling capacity in the future.

In April, Gronk came out of his football retirement and was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccanneers. This is the real reason behind his departure from pro wrestling.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Gronk’s WWE release in detail. The celebrity athlete was signed by Vince McMahon to work a total of three events under his contract.

“So the deal is that once he signed with the Bucs it was part of the deal that he can not do pro wrestling because he was signed to a deal. He was gonna do what he did at WrestleMania and he was gonna go to SummerSlam which was gonna be the big one. So he was gonna do the end of the year show in Saudi Arabia. That was the multi-event contract was those three events.”

“He’s not doing any of them. He asked for his release. It was a mutual release. I don’t know if they had it in his contract that if he decides to play football again then he gets his release, I would strongly assume that he had that in his contract and then he decided to play football and that’s his release.”

WWE had big plans for Gronk for SummerSlam. The 31-year-old tight end was supposed to make his in-ring debut at The Biggest Party Of Summer.