Roman Reigns’ Attacker On SmackDown Live Revealed?

Reigns was attacked by an unknown person last night on SmackDown Live

Image via WWE

Roman Reigns was attacked on SmackDown Live last night, in a vicious attack which saw a pile of backstage equipment fall on the Big Dog. Roman Reigns doesn’t have an opponent for Summerslam yet, and he was on his way to make an official challenge for Summerslam before being attacked.

In a very chaotic segment to end the show, Reigns escaped unhurt from the attack. Many are speculating the attacker to be Samoa Joe, and Reigns-Joe to take place at Summerslam.

However, watchful eyes of certain members of the WWE Universe spotted a familiar figure leaving the scene after the attack on Reigns. Buddy Murphy, the former Cruiserweight Champion, was seen leaving the area in a still from the video uploaded by WWE.

Roman Reigns faced off against Samoa Joe in a Samoan Summit to end the RAW proceedings this week, which resulted in several members of the RAW roster heading out to settle their differences.

Roman Reigns and Buddy Murphy could be an excellent program, and help to elevate Murphy on the main roster. Although the rumors could be far-fetched and Murphy being in the area could be a mere coincidence, fans are eager to see the Best Kept Secret of WWE perform on the main roster.

A feud against Roman Reigns will be a major moment for Buddy Murphy, who is yet to feature in a singles feud since his debut on the main roster earlier this year. Murphy is a top talent, who has performed exceptionally well on 205 Live and NXT.

WWE has not yet confirmed the identity of the attacker, but things will become clearer next week. WWE ending shows on cliffhangers is a welcome change to their programming, and will help to boost ratings of their weekly shows.

Joe or Murphy or someone else? Only time will tell!