Roman Reigns-Baron Corbin Rumored To Fight In a ‘Dog Collar’ Match At WWE TLC 2019

Reigns and Corbin are scheduled to team up for Team SmackDown at Survivor Series


WWE Survivor Series is less than ten days away, but that hasn’t prevented WWE from planning the next PPV in its calendar. Survivor Series is followed by the last PPV of the calendar year, WWE TLC 2019.

Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin have found each other in a rivalry once again, after Corbin picked up a pinfall victory over Reigns on SmackDown last week, with some help from Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

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The rivalry is poised to continue, and if rumors are to be believed, the two individuals will find themselves in a “Dog Collar” match at TLC in December. Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that there are various stipulations for the match being discussed currently, and the dog collar stipulation has been thrown into the mix.

“It will be a gimmick match but the gimmick has not been decided upon. It could be tables ladders or chairs, but dog collar match has also been up for consideration.”

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The arena for TLC is currently advertising three matches for the PPV:

  1. Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin
  2. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch vs. Kabuki Warriors(c) for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Matchup in the first-ever Women’s TLC matchup
  3. Bobby Lashley vs. Rusev

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Roman Reigns is popularly known as The Big Dog and even has a hound’s image in his entrance titantron. Baron Corbin mocked the same last week, which could be a premise for the rumored Dog Collar match.

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Dog Collar Match is a variation of the Strap Match and hasn’t featured in WWE programming for a long time.

Reigns and Corbin are scheduled to team up for Team SmackDown in the traditional Survivor Series matchup next week, also featuring RAW and NXT superstars.

The PPV is titled TLC and hence a matchup with a stipulation more suited to Extreme Rules doesn’t make much sense, but it would be an entertaining battle nonetheless.