Roman Reigns’ Heel Turn Was Reportedly His Own Idea

Roman Reigns made headlines when he returned to action at SummerSlam two weeks ago, and showed signs of a heelish character.

Those signs were confirmed after he aligned himself with Paul Heyman and sneakily won back his Universal Championship at Payback.

WWE fans and critics have clamored for several years for the much-needed change for the Big Dog, and it seems like Reigns himself forced a heel turn this time around.

Dave Meltzer discussed the heel turn on this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter and noted that Reigns asked to join the dark side after returning from hiatus.

“It’s not known whether it was Reigns or McMahon who made the call to put Heyman with Reigns, but Reigns did ask to be turned heel on his return after being out of action since March due to concerns over COVID-19.”

This is the first time in six years of Reigns’ singles career in WWE that he has turned heel, after several attempts by WWE to put him over as babyface failed.

Reigns main-evented four WrestleMania pay-per-views in a row but was jeered out of every single one of them.

WWE lobbied for Reigns to become the next John Cena, who was vehemently booed despite being the top babyface himself.

However, with the rise of Drew McIntyre, WWE possibly went ahead with turning Reigns heel for the first time in his career.

Reigns was a heel for a while during his time in the Shield, and had a much different character as Leakee in his FCW days.