Roman Reigns Is Reportedly Still Yet To Return To Full-Time Action With WWE

Reigns has missed a number of episodes of SmackDown Live recently

Roman Reigns
Image via WWE

Roman Reigns was hit by a body blow last year when he was forced to relinquish his Universal Championship and reveal to the world that he was fighting a much tougher opponent than he had ever faced, in the form of leukemia.

Reigns announced his struggle live on Monday Night Raw back in October before he was able to return to the company earlier this year and announce that he was in remission. Since then the former Shield member was able to wrestle as part of WrestleMania and has recently stepped into a lengthy feud with Shane McMahon.

It has become quite noticeable that Reigns has missed a number of episodes of SmackDown Live recently, and has been working a much lighter schedule.

According to a report by Tom Colohue of, this is because Reigns is still yet to return to WWE full time following his recent health issues and the company is trying their best to protect him. Reigns himself wanted to return to full-time action straight away but it appears that the company had been wary about the former World Champion since his return which is why he’s been pushed into so many tag team matches recently.

Reigns’ feud with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre looks to be over following their match back at Extreme Rules where Reigns and The Undertaker were victorious, which means that the former Universal Champion can move on to something new as part of SummerSlam season.

Sadly he was unable to win the 10-man battle royal last week on Raw that would have allowed him to fight Brock Lesnar for the Championship he never lost, but the company has enough time ahead of The Biggest Party of the Summer to create a worthy feud for The Big Dog.