Roman Reigns Vs. Drew McIntyre Finish At WWE Stomping Grounds Reportedly Changed

WWE Stomping Grounds proved to be a good pay-per-view with plenty of entertaining spots. The show was well-received by fans and eclipsed the poor ticket sales that initially hung WWE’s head in shame.

One of the most entertaining matches on the card was the singles bout between arch rivals Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre (w/ Shane McMahon).

Having lost to McMahon a couple of weeks ago at WWE Super ShowDown, this match was a must-win situation for Reigns. And that’s exactly how things went down last night when The Big Dog pinned The Scottish Psychopath to score the pin.

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Brad Shepard is now reporting that the finish of the match was changed – in fact, McIntyre was actually supposed to defeat Reigns courtesy of a distraction from McMahon.

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As it turns out, Vince McMahon changed the finish on the morning of Stomping Grounds and allowed Reigns to go over the heel forces.

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Shane failed to distract The Big Dog and took a superman punch instead. Reigns dodged the claymore kick and planted McIntyre with a spear for the win.

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Roman walking out victorious makes sense given his meaningless loss to Shane at Super ShowDown that made fans quite angry with the booking. Besides, it was also necessary for him to go over as WWE must hand him big victories to keep him in the main event picture and losing at two back-to-back PPVs would have done serious damage to his image.

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It’s unclear whether Reigns will be facing a new opponent at Extreme Rules next month. The fact that McIntyre doesn’t have any strong babyface of his size to feud with makes us assume that WWE will book him against Reigns once again – however, this time weapons will be legal and the match might as well go down inside the unforgiving confines of a steel cage – it’s Extreme Rules after all!