Ronda Rousey May Be Forced to Apologize If She Returns to WWE, Drew McIntyre’s Future as WWE Champion

Back in April, Ronda Rousey was part of an interview with Steve-O’s podcast where she made some comments about WWE and referred to wrestling as “fake fighting”.

“Like hell yeah, running out there and having like fake fights for fun is just the best thing, you know.”

These comments have rubbed a number of women in the locker room the wrong way and it’s led to Alexa Bliss recently revealing in an interview with The Express that Rousey may be forced to apologize when she makes her WWE return.

“To kind of say what we do is fake is not fair. It’s scripted, 100 percent finish is scripted, but we tell people that. But don’t say what we do is fake because that’s just insulting. But you hash it out and you get over it and you work together and now we all get along great and we are all one big family. I think she may have some apologizing to do because it was disrespectful and our company is built on respect. But I don’t see why she wouldn’t be welcome with open arms.”

Rousey left WWE following last year’s WrestleMania when it was revealed that she was hoping to have a baby with her husband Travis Browne, it’s currently unknown when Rousey is looking to make her return.

One star who is currently on top in WWE is Drew McIntyre, the WWE Champion has been gaining rave reviews from WWE officials backstage and according to WrestleTalk, Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman view McIntyre as a star in WWE “for years to come”.

“Our sources have confirmed to us that WWE management has been so impressed with Drew in recent weeks, that they see him as a main eventer for years to come. We’ve been told that his title reign will almost definitely not be a one-off like we’ve seen with Finn Balor, Jinder Mahal, and Kofi Kingston in recent years, so expect to see him at the top of the card for the foreseeable future.”

Jinder Mahal has recently been rumored to be the subject of a huge run on RAW, which would allow him to go up against his former 3MB teammate.