Royal Rumble Reportedly Went Through Many Last-Minute Changes

This year’s Royal Rumble had many flaws. Ricochet wasn’t supposed to enter the men’s Royal Rumble match because he had lost to AJ Styles several weeks ago.

Reportedly, Otis wasn’t originally planned for the battle royal. But WWE changed the plans. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said the former Heavy Machinery member was a last-minute addition to the match.

“Otis was a last-minute addition, there are also probably a couple of other things that happened.”

This comes as a surprise because Otis had declared himself in the men’s Royal Rumble match three weeks ago.

Another WWE superstar who missed Royal Rumble is Jey Uso. He had announced his participation in the match but didn’t appear at all for the entire show. Reportedly, he wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle at the show. It’s unknown at the moment if Jey was injured.

“Jey Uso wasn’t medically cleared for the WWE Royal Rumble, according to Dave Meltzer. The medical reason wasn’t given and his expected return is unknown. He wasn’t seen in the graphic for the Rumble on Friday but was in it the week before. He was still listed for the match on as recently as Sunday afternoon.”

Angel Garza was also set to appear in the men’s Rumble, but he was reportedly pulled at the last minute.

“Angel Garza was going to be in, but then he got pulled.”