Rumor Killer on John Cena’s WWE Contract Expiry

There was an interesting rumor circulating on Social Media last night after WWE fans credited wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer and the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter with confirming that John Cena’s contract with WWE had expired.

The former 16-time World Champion was last seen in a Firefly Fun House match at WrestleMania when he took on The Fiend. The ending of the match was cryptic enough to allow fans to believe that Cena was done with WWE and many fans believed that he could move on to another promotion.

It’s worth noting that Sportskeeda is reporting that Meltzer didn’t mention John Cena’s contract expiry date in the recent episode of The Wrestling Observer, so this could well be a rumor that has been solely created on Social Media.

At present, Cena’s actual contract expiry date is unknown, but the former Champion seems to return as and when WWE needs him.

It’s unknown where the rumor actually originated, but it was running rampant on Twitter last night with many members of the WWE Universe wondering if the former WWE star would be following Chris Jericho over to All Elite Wrestling.

It’s hard to imagine John Cena wrestling with other promotions since he has always been loyal to Vince McMahon and the two men are known to be good friends.

Cena hardly makes appearances for WWE right now because he has his own focuses outside of the wrestling business so it’s highly unlikely that one of the biggest stars in WWE history will be jumping ship anytime soon.

Cena seems to have a deal with WWE at present now where he will return to put other stars over when he needs to. While The Undertaker’s retirement has become a huge deal in WWE, John Cena could have taken over his schedule in recent years.