Rumor Killer On Undertaker/Goldberg Backstage Altercation, Duo Reportedly Collapsed After The Match


Undertaker and Goldberg‘s bout at Super ShowDown has been the talk of the wrestling world over the past week since there are numerous rumors coming out of the match that have made headline news.

Right now there is a belief that the issues within the match are mostly falling at the feet of Goldberg, since he was knocked out when he was thrown into the ring post and still decided to continue the match. Following the match, it was reported by Brad Shepard that both men got into an out of character argument where both men accused the other of being unsafe in the ring.

According to PWInsider, there is no truth in these rumors and when asking any of their sources who were in Saudi Arabia at the time of Super ShowDown about this backstage altercation they were all quick to shoot it down and claim that it never happened.

One interesting fact that has been revealed by The Wrestling Observer over the past few hours is the fact that Undertaker reportedly also collapsed backstage in Saudi Arabia following his match.

Goldberg was unable to stand up at ringside when the TV cameras were turned off and a video of the former Universal Champion collapsing was leaked online, but Undertaker’s next steps after he went through the curtain were unknown but this isn’t the first time The Deadman has collapsed following a match and most worryingly this now seems to be becoming a trend.

“After the match was over, both men collapsed backstage. It was believed Goldberg suffered a concussion early on. In the old days, you fought through concussions and didn’t miss time. Now we’ve learned far too much. Except in this case, whether it was because it was a PPV main event or a dream match, or whatever, we’ve forgotten everything we’ve learned. The match kept going.” Dave Meltzer via Sportskeeda.