Sami Zayn Rumored To Quit WWE, Rey Mysterio’s Contract Ending Soon

After being thrown off the Titan Towers during Money In The Bank, Rey Mysterio showed up on RAW the following night and ended up suffering a “critical” eye injury at the hands of Seth Rollins.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter has shed light on Mysterio’s current WWE status. His contract expires in a matter of months and he hasn’t signed a new deal just yet. The injury angle was simply a way of taking Mr. 619 off television.

“This is the situation with Mysterio. They shot an angle on Raw this week where Rollins took out his eye. Mysterio’s contract is coming due and at least as of a week ago he had not signed a new deal. I don’t expect him to leave but it’s not a lock that he won’t.”

It was further noted that the injury angle is actually the beginning of the Rollins vs Mysterio feud provided the masked veteran stays with the company. If Rey doesn’t re-sign, then he’s “following the Matt Hardy playbook if he leaves.”

On the other hand, WWE stripping Sami Zayn of the Intercontinental Championship during the coronavirus pandemic has reportedly turned things sour between both sides.

According to The Observer, several people are unhappy regarding the fact that Zayn took WWE up on their offer to stay home and ended up ‘losing’ the title.

“Even though nobody can say it publicly for obvious reasons, there is a lot of unhappiness that Zayn exercised the option that they gave everyone regarding not wrestling if you don’t want to right now. I mean, the IC title doesn’t mean much and we’re long past the period of taking titles too seriously and they can do whatever they want. The tournament will start on the 5/15 Smackdown show.”

On Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast, Brad Shepard reported that there is some backstage speculation about The Great Liberator quitting WWE.

“I’ve been told he’s been difficult to deal with. He’s unhappy and is even speculation that he may want out.”