Sammy Guevara Reportedly Has Backstage Heat Following Chair Spot With Matt Hardy on AEW Dynamite

Sammy Guevara has only recently returned to AEW after being suspended when a historic voice clip of the star was leaked on social media and All Elite Wrestling was forced to take action.

Guevara has been back merely a week and already reports are now suggesting that he has backstage heat after his altercation with Matt Hardy on last night’s episode of Dynamite.

Guevara and Hardy have had a few issues as of late and this led to a brawl between the two men, which reached its conclusion when Hardy was hit in the face with a chair and then put through a table.

Matt Hardy was left heavily bleeding all over the place following the assault but this wasn’t a case where the former WWE star needed to blade for effect.

Instead, The Spanish God wasn’t supposed to hit Hardy so forcefully with the chair, and Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting that he received a “stern talking to,” by officials backstage following the segment since Hardy reportedly needed ten stitches after the show.

Meltzer went on to report that officials were very unhappy with the way that the segment went and that Hardy was injured.

It appears that Hardy is also annoyed with The Spanish God following the attack since he took to his personal Youtube Channel to send Guevara a message.

“Sammy, you were already on my s— list,” Hardy said in a video on his personal YouTube channel. “But now you just split open my face. If you thought this was real before, it’s definitely real now you little b—.”

“Sammy I am not going to stop until I make you bleed, until I make you hurt! Sammy, your little a— is mine. I’m in pain, I’m hurting, I’m concussed right now, but I’m still clear enough mind to tell you that you are an endangered species. This s— just got real, man.”