Samoa Joe To Be On Commentary Until “His Injury Heals”, Reason Why He Missed RAW After Survivor Series

Samoa Joe replaced Dio Maddin on the Monday Night RAW commentary team last month and has been doing an incredible job on the mic so far.

Joe makes his presence felt at the announcers’ booth with his quick deliveries and heavy vocal tone, and the WWE Universe has been loving him in his new role on television. The Samoan Submission Machine is currently rehabbing from a hand injury and it’s only a matter of time before he goes back to putting his opponents to sleep.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Joe won’t be at the RAW commentary desk for the long-term. He still has a lot to contribute in between the ropes and will go back to doing so as soon as he is medically cleared.

“When asked about if Joe would be permanent in the role because he has been so strong in it, the reaction was that they consider him too valuable as a talent right now and he’s only there until his hand injury heals.”

To date, Joe hasn’t won a World Championship in WWE despite being shoved into the title picture on multiple occasions.

Despite being sidelined with an injury, Joe has gotten plenty of exposure and on-screen time. Not only has WWE been able to gauge his skills as a potential full-time commentator, but Joe has also been able to prove what he is capable of outside the ring.

The Destroyer, however, missed the November 25th episode of RAW after Survivor Series in Chicago. Fans expected him to be on commentary during Seth Rollins‘ heel turn but the big man wasn’t able to appear on the program.

Per reports, Joe already being scheduled for WWE Backstage in Los Angeles caused him to miss the show on Monday night. Let’s see for how long WWE plans to have Joe on the commentary team.