Samoa Joe’s Current Injury Status, Adam Cole’s WWE Contract Due To Expire Soon

Samoa Joe suffered an injury back in January while filming Monday Night Raw’s newest advert. The former United States Champion suffered a concussion while being powerbombed through a table by AOP which forced him onto the sidelines for a number of months.

Joe recently returned to the screen in place of Jerry “The King” Lawler on commentary and has since excelled in the role, but many fans have questioned whether or not Joe is able to return to in-ring competition yet. According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, the most recent update is that Joe is still struggling with a concussion and isn’t able to be cleared at present.

Meltzer also stated that Joe has suffered a number of concussions throughout his career which isn’t considered to be a good thing, and could be holding him back from making his return.

Adam Cole has been one of the biggest stars in NXT since his debut a few years ago, but Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.Co is now reporting that the NXT Champion’s contract is set to expire this summer.

“NXT Champion Adam Cole’s contract is set to expire sometime this Summer. I believe his deal is up in August or early September.”

If Cole waits out his contract then he won’t have a non-compete clause and could head over to AEW where his girlfriend currently wrestles. Cole was recently spotted at the AEW Memorial Day party on Monday night alongside Britt Baker which has begun speculation that Cole could be looking to join a number of his friends in All Elite Wrestling.

Baker could be on the sidelines for up to six weeks after suffering a partial LCL tear, an interior tibia fracture, and a small tendon tear. Baker recently opened up about wanting her boyfriend to join her in AEW.

“It’s all one huge giant family. I hope there is a day in the future, in the near future, where Adam Cole can be in the ring with The Young Bucks and Kenny and Cody and it will come full circle and we can all be one giant happy family again.”