Sasha Banks’ Injury Could Cause Changes To Tonight’s Episode Of Raw

Banks was reportedly injured at Hell in a Cell

Image via WWE

Sasha Banks reportedly suffered a tailbone injury at Hell in a Cell last weekend when she lost her Raw Women’s Championship match to Becky Lynch. This was The Boss’s second shot at the title in a matter of months and was the second time that she had walked away empty-handed.

Following Hell in a Cell and given the injury to Banks last week on Raw, it appeared that Lynch had moved onto a feud with Asuka surrounding the Championship instead, which is why it came as a shock that WWE had booked Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch for this week on Raw, where the winner would hand their brand the first draft pick.

Banks and Lynch collided in Hell in a Cell and that seemingly ended their feud, so why is this being rehashed? Especially since Banks has been moved over to SmackDown so a win here wouldn’t allow her to move back into the title picture.

Even though reports earlier in the week suggested that Banks’ injury wasn’t thought to be a serious one, there are current listings for tonight’s episode of Raw that state that Becky Lynch could be facing Charlotte Flair tonight instead.

This listing would make much more sense, since Flair is yet to be drafted and recently lost her SmackDown Women’s Championship to Bayley, so this could allow her to get back to winning ways. Of course, there is also the possibility that Comcast just got the match for tonight’s show wrong, but given the circumstances, it’s more likely that Charlotte will be brought in.

Perhaps Banks’ injury is much more serious than WWE believed and they have been forced to rethink the match, all will become clear in a few hours time when Raw goes live and presents the final half of this year’s Draft.