Sasha Banks’ WWE Contract Status Reportedly Revealed

Sasha Banks hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since she lost the Women’s Tag Team Championships back at WrestleMania in April. The Boss reportedly was then given time away from WWE after she reacted badly to the fact that the company had decided to take the Tag Team Championships away from her and Bayley even though the two women fought for months to make the titles a reality.

Banks has been making headlines over the past few months despite the fact that she hasn’t stepped foot in a ring in almost three months. The Boss dyed her hair back to black and has updated a number of interesting Tweets that have hinted that she could want out of the company.

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According to a report by Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, Sasha Banks was never in any danger of leaving WWE and that her recent time away from WWE is nothing out of the ordinary.

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“A few people asked for time off after WrestleMania. Sasha Banks has worked extremely long and extremely hard. She’s earned it. They’ve gone with Bayley and she’s doing well. When Sasha comes back she’ll slot right back in,” he said via Sportskeeda.

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The site also reported that Vince McMahon was happy with what Banks had been posting on Social Media and actually found it funny.

The former Women’s Champion is expected to return to WWE in the near future and could remain part of the Monday Night Raw brand, even though her actual landing place is unknown since she missed The Superstar Shakeup back in April.

Since her departure, Bayley has become Women’s Champion on the SmackDown Live brand so it’s likely that Banks will remain in Raw so that she doesn’t have to feud with her former Tag Team partner.