Seth Rollins’ Recent Response To Jon Moxley Is Reportedly A Direct Shot From Vince McMahon

The impending WWE vs. AEW war just got uglier!


Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose) have been best friends for years but their friendship could be taking a toll now that both men are no longer employed under the same roof – the former Shield brothers currently work for rival promotions in the pro wrestling business.

Rollins recently took some shots at Moxley and that has led the IWC to speculate whether their friendship is truly over or not. While it’s too early to comment on that, one thing we know for sure is that those words weren’t exactly coming from the reigning Universal Champion’s mouth.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that Rollins’ statements actually came straight from Vince McMahon, the ever-mastermind, who seemingly has sent a message to everyone who had started badmouthing WWE ever since Moxley broke the IWC with his shoot promos on Talk Is Jericho podcast.

“Okay, I’ll just say the reaction I got from people in the business, okay… everybody knows that [Seth] has kinda decided he’s gonna be a team leader and he’s been picked. I mean his words are Vince’s words so is he just 100% in on the Kool-Aid or is he just doing his job? Again, if this was like a tweet and then Sports Illustrated — this is like a battleplan and WWE is part of the battleplan. He’s not doing this on his own, I mean if this was just Twitter he’d still have to get the okay.”

“When you include the Sports Illustrated thing at the same time this is the ‘No, we’re fighting back against these people who are trying to say that we’re not good and again, more power to him — that’s fine.”

“Again the running down of Moxley with the idea that he took his ball and went home — which is a Vince McMahon term if anybody remembers that’s Vince McMahon’s term for a quitter — this guy [Moxley] didn’t quit, he stuck it out I think that’s the thing, you know? Even if he didn’t he’s miserable.”

When Stone Cold Steve Austin quit WWE in 2002, McMahon used Jim Ross and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to bury the S.O.B. on television.

With that being said, this time The Chairman is clearly using top guy Rollins in his mission to take Moxley down. The impending WWE vs. AEW war could be getting a lot uglier with this verbal back and forth between the former Shield stablemates.