Seth Rollins To Wrestle As Babyface Despite Heel Turn

Does Rollins think he is the Bret Hart from 1997?

Image via WWE

Seth Rollins turned heel on the latest edition of Monday Night RAW and his new villainous role is more than meets the eye.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez discussed WWE’s original plan for Rollins.

“The gist of the show is that Seth Rollins turned heel and apparently, Seth Rollins has some wacky idea for his character, which I guess is that everybody hates him now but he’s right and therefore, in the mind of Seth Rollins, he’s a babyface even though everybody else thinks he’s a heel. So as a heel, he’s gonna wrestle as a babyface.”

The former Universal Champion has been booed ever since his title feud with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, leading to his obvious heel turn on Monday night.

“Yes, Seth Rollins has turned heel. I know a lot of times we see these weird storylines and such on Raw and I think somebody has turned heel and I’m told ‘no, no, no they’re still a babyface’ or whatever. This is definitely a heel turn for Seth Rollins…”

It appears that Rollins’ heel turn could be a throwback to Bret Hart‘s situation where The Hitman considered himself to be a good guy despite fans turning on him. However, Hart’s storyline was different – he was a babyface in Canada and a heel to the fans in the US.

“All of this stuff that Seth has been doing where he’s been booed out of the building – up until yesterday, the idea was never that he was turning heel. It was his idea to turn heel. In his mind, he may have been planting seeds but he was supposed to have been a babyface all the way up until yesterday [and then] boom he turned.”

“This is not like a slow turn that they’re doing right now. This is his idea. This is his character. He is a heel who thinks he’s right. I guess he thinks he’s 1997 Bret Hart…”

Rollins may have come up with the idea but it’s gonna be WWE steering the wheel from hereon.

“The Seth Rollins character thinks that you the fans are being unfair to WWE. So, he’s gonna wrestle like a babyface while burying you. That seems to be the plan. I guess we’ll see what they do next week.”