Several WWE Superstars Reprimanded for Going Over Time Cues

It has been well-documented in recent weeks that there has been a lot of re-writes and changes on both Raw and SmackDown ahead of the shows.

Vince McMahon has reportedly arrived at the shows quite late and decided to re-write just moments before the shows go live. This has obviously caused a lot of superstars to panic and now, according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, there are several WWE stars who are walking on eggshells backstage.

Both on Raw and SmackDown as well as last week at Survivor Series, there were several WWE stars who went over their allotted times for their matches.

These stars have since been reprimanded as well as the producers who were responsible for going through the matches with the talent.

WWE has a certain way of presenting their shows and when matches run over it means that certain segments have to be canceled.

One of the most famous times this happened was back at WrestleMania 29 when the women’s match was canceled because The Undertaker’s match with CM Punk went a lot longer than originally scheduled.

Despite there being a lot of challenges backstage in WWE at present, it appears that the company still expects all of their talent and their production team to be following the rules.