Shane McMahon’s WWE Raw Underground Reportedly Canceled

WWE Raw Underground took off on a high note but the fight club themed wrestling segments always seemed like a UFC ripoff.

The underground scene spearheaded by Shane McMahon didn’t air for two weeks in a row and the WWE Universe is now concerned about the future of the said segments.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that RAW Underground “is considered done.”

The segments were reportedly scrapped due to the COVID-19 outbreak in NXT amidst fear that some of the extras from the Performance Center might have been exposed to the highly contagious coronavirus.

“There was fear that bringing all those people, both the wrestlers and the people they used as the audience, to Raw tapings could start a spread to the Raw roster and the idea is to keep NXT talent away from Raw and Smackdown talent as much as possible”

A couple of weeks ago, Shane McMahon noted in an interview that tweaks were being made to the underground segments. It’s safe to assume that he certainly wasn’t anticipating the end of the underground scene at the time.

It’s possible that RAW Underground may return in the future, but for now, Shane might be taking another indefinite leave from WWE programming.