Shayna Baszler’s Count Out Loss on Raw Reportedly Wasn’t Scripted

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax will challenge Charlotte Flair and Asuka for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships at the Royal Rumble, which may give Baszler the chance to forget all about this week’s episode of Raw.

The former NXT Women’s Champion took on Charlotte Flair in singles action before the match quickly ended via disqualification.

After interference, the match was turned into a six-woman tag which also came to an abrupt end when Baszler was unable to make it back into the ring to answer the 10-count.

The official made the count after Baszler struggled to throw Flair back into the ring and then follow her back in herself.

During the ad break, Adam Pearce made his way out to the ramp to announce that the match would be restarted, something that PWInsider is reporting was completely improvised.

It appears that the ending was not a way for WWE to bring viewers back to the show following an ad break, instead, it was a legitimate botch that WWE was able to cover up.

PWinsider also reports that despite being part of a scary spot with Nia Jax to end the six-woman tag match following the restart, Dana Brooke is uninjured.