Sheamus In Chicago Before Survivor Series, Less NXT Live Events In 2020?

Sheamus In Chicago Before Survivor Series

John Morrison isn’t the only surprise return that could greet fans during Survivor Series. According to PWInsider, Sheamus is currently in Chicago.

The Celtic Warrior has not been seen in the ring since the SmackDown episode after WrestleMania 35. He had reportedly suffered a concussion and was also being given time off to deal with spinal stenosis.

According to Paul Davis of Wrestling, he reached out to a WWE source when he heard about Sheamus being in Chicago. Davis’ source didn’t mention anything about Sheamus returning to the ring. He merely said that Sheamus is in Chicago to do promotional work for Cricket Wireless.

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Sheamus is still part of the SmackDown roster but he has been reduced to non-wrestling appearances since about June. While he was reportedly cleared for in-ring return back in September, he has yet to do so. Supposedly, the delay in Sheamus’ return is to wait for creative to “have something for him”.

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During an appearance on The Edge & Christian podcast in December, Sheamus said he didn’t know when officials would call for him to return but he’s working out and staying in shape for when the call does come.

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Less NXT Live Events Next Year?

According to a report by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is looking to cut back on NXT live events in Florida this coming 2020.

As pointed out in Wrestling News Co., WWE doesn’t really profit from local house shows in Florida. These shows are usually only attended by a few hundred people so their value is mostly seen as providing young talent the chance to get experience performing for a crowd.

This year, there were 42 live NXT shows in the third quarter. The paid attendance was 29,000 with the average ticket price of $38.20. This is a 23% drop from last year where there were 46 shows with a total attendance of 37,600 with an average ticket price of $39.50. WWE is likely to cut down on Thursday shows which are said to draw the fewest number of fans.