Sheamus Reportedly Ready For In-Ring return, Luke Harper’s WWE Contract Status

Image via WWE

Several WWE superstars returned to action this week, and it seems like a few more are on their way. Former WWE Champion Sheamus is apparently ready for in-ring action, and could make a return to WWE programming quite soon.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Irish superstar is fit to compete in the ring once again. He will be back on the road as soon as WWE creative finds something interesting for him.

Sheamus has been out of action due to Spinal Stenosis, an injury which led to early retirement for superstars like Edge and Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, the Celtic Warrior has rehabbed quite well, and has undertaken rigorous fitness regimes to get back in shape for his return.

Sheamus recently appeared on the Edge and Christian Podcast and said that he is ready for a return to the ring, and he is waiting for a green-light from the company.

Sheamus has been competing in the Tag-Team division for the last three years alongside Cesaro. However, the duo split up early this year, and Cesaro has already performed quite nicely in the singles division of RAW.

Elsewhere, another superstar who returned from hiatus this week, Luke Harper, has apparently not signed a contract extension with the company. It was reported that Harper’s contract was extended by six months due to his absence after injuries, which means he’ll stay with WWE till spring next year.

Harper is currently involved in one of the biggest storylines in WWE currently and wrecked havoc in the main event of SmackDown Live this week.

Luke Harper requested a release from the company earlier this year, which was apparently denied by Vince McMahon. Harper stayed at home for the next few months and WWE looked to run-down his contract without giving him TV time.

However, all’s well that ends well, and hopefully, Harper’s latest run leads to him signing an extension with the company.