Shinsuke Nakamura’s Recent Promo on Raw Included a Line That Should Have Been Edited Out

Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro headed over to Raw to challenge The Street Profits a few weeks ago, but ahead of the match the company played a short backstage promo where Nakamura declared that if the Street Profits “Wanted the smoke, they would get cancer.”

Paul Davis of WrestlingNews revealed that his line wasn’t supposed to make it to air and led to Michael Cole having to try to cover for it later in the show.

The report went on to state that things were hectic heading into that particular episode and it appears that it lead to someone playing the wrong promo as part of the show and the SmackDown Tag Team Champions were left embarrassed.

Luckily for WWE, it doesn’t seem as though the backlash from the error has been all that bad.

Nakamura and Cesaro have since safely returned to SmackDown and ended their issues with Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits.