Sin Cara Reportedly Lied To AAA About Non-Compete Clause, Negotiating Plans For Return

WWE officially released Sin Cara, Luke Harper, and The Ascension last month and all four Superstars are quite happy with their departure from Vince McMahon‘s company despite their respective 90-day non-compete clauses.

Just a week after his release, Sin Cara showed up at an AAA event that aired on ESP Deportes. He used his WWE name without permission and tricked the promotion into believing that he didn’t have a non-compete clause.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE has indeed slapped a non-compete clause on the Luchador. The ex-Superstar even tricked AAA into believing that WWE had permitted him to work non-televised events. Sin Cara didn’t actually compete but he had gotten physical with a run-in.

“According to WWE, neither AAA nor Sin Cara had made a deal to use his name and he was still on a 90-day non-compete deal. AAA claimed that Sin Cara had told them they had WWE’s okay to use him on the show as long as his segment was edited off television. He was also on ESP Deportes and appeared under the name Sin Cara.”

Further reports suggest that Sin Cara is actually planning to re-debut in AAA after the expiry of his non-compete clause in March.

“He was said to be really happy at getting a big response after his time in WWE. Right now the plan is for him to come back [to AAA] and start wrestling in March, after his 90 days are up, but right now that is only in the talking stage.”

The former NXT Tag Team Champion recently filed ownership for his new name “Cinta de Oro”, but a certain Maria Zarate claims to have owned the name since 2016.

2020 is going to be a very interesting year for Sin Cara. After being buried and forgotten in WWE for all these years, it’s time for the Luchador to show the world what he’s truly capable of.