SmackDown Live Rumored To Have a More Cinematic Feel On FOX

In a report published by wrestlevotes, WWE Smackdown Live was rumored to have a more cinematic like feel once it moves to FOX this October. The blue brand will start airing on Friday nights on FOX starting October 4, two days after AEW launch their weekly show on TNT.

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WWE is reportedly making use of new cameras to add to the cinematic feel of FOX, and they intend to make SmackDown a more sports-oriented show. AEW have clearly laid down their ambitions of having a wrestling show rather than a soap opera, with their show featuring win-loss records and more emphasis being laid on quality in-ring action.

The thought around the WWE creative is to ensure SmackDown Live feels like a major league product right from Day One, to ensure AEW stays in the minor leagues. AEW’s decent start has not gone under the radar, and WWE will look to steer away from competition presented by AEW’s weekly show.

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WWE is also rumored to launch NXT on FOX’s minor channels on Wednesday nights to face off against AEW’s programming. AEW’s show rumored to be called “Wednesday Night Dynamite”, will be a two-hour TV-14 show as opposed to NXT which is currently one-hour with a PG rating.

The new camera format will be similar to the ones used in the shooting of WWE 24 episodes. WWE has already carried out tests with the new technology and liked the end result.

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The move over to FOX will bring a flurry of changes within WWE, with the Wild Card Rule rumored to end soon. WWE is also looking at bringing back The Rock for the first SmackDown on FOX.

Several changes are in the offing and it is bound to be an exciting time if you are a wrestling fan! AEW and WWE bringing out top-quality content every week is “best for business”!