SmackDown Live Superstar Botches The End Of His Match On Live TV

Chad Gable
Image via WWE

Chad Gable appeared this week on SmackDown Live as part of a backstage segment which later led to a match between the former NXT star and Jack Gallagher on 205 Live where Gable was able to make his long-awaited in-ring debut. Over the past few days, there have been a number of fans online who have stated that this week’s episode of 205 Live was one of the best in a long time, but it did contain a huge botch.

According to a report by Cagesideseats, via The Wrestling Observer, Chad Gable’s match against Gallagher wasn’t supposed to end via count-out.

Chad Gable and Jack Gallagher screwed up the finish on 205 Live this week, as it wasn’t supposed to be a count out.

The original ending of the match hasn’t actually been revealed publicly, but what is known is that this was the first match in the feud between these two stars. Gable doesn’t currently have a storyline over on SmackDown Live which means that it’s likely that he will stay on 205 Live for the foreseeable future and continue his feud with The Gentleman.

Chad Gable hasn’t been used on WWE TV as much as he thought he would be when he was promoted as one half of American Alpha a few years ago. Instead, the former Tag Team Champion’s short-lived partnership with Bobby Roode recently fell apart due to the brand split.

Gable is one of the names in a long list of talents that are not being used effectively by WWE at present, so at least now he’s being used on WWE TV and will be able to push forward into a much bigger storyline if he comes out of this feud with Jack Gallagher looking better than he does right now.