Snoop Dogg Reportedly Has Backstage Heat With WWE Regarding Upcoming AEW Appearance

Snoop Dogg is a WWE Hall of Famer, after being inducted into the elite class back in 2016. Despite his links with WWE, it was revealed last night on AEW Dynamite that Snoop Dogg will be appearing on the January 6th episode of Dynamite to promote the Go-Big Show.

The upcoming talent competition will feature AEW star Cody Rhodes and Snoop Dogg as two of the judges but January 6th is the same night that NXT will be presenting NXT: New Year’s Evil.

It was recently noted by Bryan Alvarez on The Wrestling Observer, that there are several people backstage in WWE who are “very upset” with Snoop Dogg regarding his AEW appearance.

The star has worked with WWE several times in the past and most recently he partnered with WWE to help create The Undertaker’s new limited-edition merchandise collection.

There were rumors that WWE had pulled the collection because of the appearance, but the plan was always for the collection to be pulled on December 6th. This means that the collection was taken down before AEW made the announcement about Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg is also Sasha Banks’ cousin which means that he will always have links in WWE, but at present, there’s nothing official coming from WWE regarding the WWE Hall of Famer.