Spoiler on Jeff Hardy and Sheamus Segment For Friday Night SmackDown

Jeff Hardy will collide with Sheamus in less than three days at WWE Backlash. The two veteran Superstars have had quite the feud, and there’s an exciting segment in store for fans on the Backlash go-home episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Vince McMahon had personally produced the segment involving Hardy and Sheamus and now Gary Cassidy has spoiled the details of the said segment.

According to the report, Renee Young hosted a segment featuring the two veterans. The Fella brought in a man in a lab coat and four security guards to confront The Charismatic Enigma. Sheamus then demanded that Hardy take a drug test ahead of their scheduled singles match on June 14th.

Sheamus further labeled Hardy as a junkie and claimed that he would inevitably fail the test. The Rainbow–Haired Warrior didn’t hesitate to admit that he does have an issue but The Great White remained adamant about the drug segment.

The controversial segment eventually closed out with Hardy throwing a cup of urine on Sheamus.

Although Hardy and Sheamus’ feud has been quite intriguing, many have been against WWE’s tactic of using Hardy’s drinking/addiction issues for storyline purposes.

The feud originally gained steam with Sheamus framing Hardy for a hit-and-run case involving Elias who had to be written off TV for several months while recovering from a legitimate injury. 

For what it’s worth, Hardy’s on-screen hit-and-run arrest is WWE’s tactical way of burying his two recent arrests in 2019 for public intoxication and driving while impaired.

The idea may sound sinister, but it’s definitely working as the first page of results for “Jeff Hardy arrested” in the news section of Google now all pertain to his scripted arrest on Friday Night SmackDown.

It remains to be seen whether the billion-dollar promotion has any plans to extend this feud up until SummerSlam.