Steve Austin Set For a Shock One-Off WWE Return?

The Texas Rattlesnake could make a one-off Raw return to promote his upcoming show

Image via WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the biggest legends of the squared circle, but he’s made it clear in recent years that he’s not open to any more returns to the ring, after becoming one of the stars who was brought back at every opportunity up until WrestleMania 30.

Austin’s podcast was a huge hit with the WWE Universe, up until the company canceled the show on the Network following the ill-fated show with Dean Ambrose, one that Austin himself claims still haunts him.

It was recently announced that Austin’s brand new Straight Up Steve Austin show will premiere on the USA Network straight after Monday Night Raw on August 12th and The Wrestling Observer believes that this is too much of a coincidence that Austin won’t show up on Raw in order to promote the show.

The series is a seven-part interview style show that will see Austin sit down with some of the top celebrities and discuss their careers, one of which will be a superstar that has been likened to Steve Austin, Becky Lynch.

WWE has called back The Undertaker in order to help ratings heading into Extreme Rules, so it’s hard to imagine that the company won’t take advantage of Austin’s show falling on the night after SummerSlam to welcome back The Texas Rattlesnake and have him and The Man face to face inside the Squared Circle for the first time.

This is all merely speculation at present, but it does all seem to add up to Stone Cold making a one-off Raw return to promote his upcoming show. WWE’s been struggling with ratings for Raw and SmackDown over the past few weeks so the company is definitely not going to turn down the chance to have Austin back in the building for one last time.

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