Sting Wanted to Have a Cinematic Match With The Undertaker Before His Contract Expired

This week on AEW Dynamite, Sting shocked the world with his debut. His contract with WWE expired in May, and a few months later, in October, the company pulled his merchandise off from their website.

Previously, it was reported that Tony Khan wants to feature Sting regularly on Dynamite. However, the wrestling legend is reported to be not taking any bumps, and if, under rare circumstances, it happens, it’ll be done very carefully.

Recently, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed that Sting wanted to have a cinematic match with The Undertaker this year.

Sting has said in numerous interviews that he wants to fight The Undertaker one-on-one. This year, WWE did two cinematic matches at WrestleMania and Undertaker was a part of one of them. 

Sting vs ‘Taker could’ve happened this year had it not been for Vince McMahon. Reportedly, McMahon has never been interested in this dream match. 

“WWE had no interest in him as a television character. Khan wants to make him a regular television character, although he very clearly has to be protected when it comes to not taking bumps. Still, it is known Sting wanted to do a Cinematic match with Undertaker, and for whatever reason, while fans have clamored for Undertaker vs. Sting for years, it has never been a match that appealed to McMahon.”