SummerSlam Weekend Shows Yet To Sell Out, WWE Unhappy With The Situation

WWE officials have reportedly called for an emergency meeting

Image via WWE

WWE presents SummerSlam from Toronto, Canada this weekend, along with NXT Takeover, RAW (Monday) and SmackDown Live (Tuesday). Toronto is usually known to be one of the hottest crowds for WWE, however, the numbers for this week’s events speak a different story.

The SummerSlam event on Sunday is sold out, but the story is different for the other shows set to take place from Toronto this weekend. There are several empty seats on Ticket Master, as well as tickets are being sold in the secondary market for extremely cheap rates.

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It is a major worry for WWE as the prices on the secondary market, are lower than those on the main website. Usually, scalpers buy tickets off the main website and try to sell it at higher prices in secondary markets, but that has not been the case for the shows. The scalpers are trying to get rid of the tickets at low prices.

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This is a clear indication of low interest in the shows, as fans are not exactly going out of the way to make it to the PPV. SummerSlam is considered as the second biggest PPV after WrestleMania, but the craze has declined this year.

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WWE officials have taken note of the low prices on the secondary market and called for an emergency meeting. Brad Shepard reports that WWE considered the lower sell-out to be a site issue earlier, but that is definitely not the case.

“I’m told this has created some internal chaos. There was a meeting this week where they discussed ticket scalpers, and earlier this week they were hoping this was a “site issue.”

With AEW coming up soon, and the AEW shows getting sold out much in advance, WWE needs to ensure that their PPVs are not hurt by the rising competition. Otherwise, AEW toppling WWE may not be a pipedream in the foreseeable future.