Superstars Want Compensation if WWE Bans Twitch and Cameo Streaming

WWE recently banned Superstars from engaging on social media by comparing their business to the likes of Disney and Warner Bros.

The billion-dollar promotion considers it necessary to protect their intellectual property which includes the real names of Superstars.

Fightful reports that some Superstars have no intention to stop streaming on Twitch and Cameo by October 2nd as WWE is “very foggy” about the matter.

However, the talents are ready to demand compensation for the lost income in case WWE forces them to quit their streaming sessions.

“Thus far, based on the wrestlers that we’ve spoken to, none plan on ceasing their Cameo or streaming setups. Two specifically noted that if WWE wants them to, they’ll need their contracts renegotiated to compensate the limitations and changes.” 

It’s pretty clear that WWE is hell-bent on preventing Superstars from parlaying their fame for their own gain, without going through the company.

While Paige has renamed her Twitch channel to SarayaOfficial, Saraya being her birth name, there’s a possibility that WWE would still go for her once the promotion specifically clarifies specifically what platforms and activities are covered by the ban.

It’s pretty clear that the locker room is unhappy with WWE’s latest ban, and this could be yet another reason for talents to leave for AEW.