Tenille Dashwood Could Join AEW Soon, Update On Chris Jericho’s Stolen AEW Title

Image via TPWW

All Elite Wrestling has got off to a great start with four solid PPVs in the last four months. The company will air their first TV episode on TNT next month, and surely there are surprises in store for the AEW fanbase.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, Tennile Dashwood f.k.a Emma is on an appearance-based contract with Impact. He also said that the contract is short-term and goes until Bound for Glory.

“Tenille Dashwood is on a per night agreement through roughly Bound For Glory. So, while a lot of buzz was kicked up about Impact Wrestling getting Tenille Dashwood, it is short term. Don’t know what that means for the future, but hey — that’s better than nothing.”

Tenille Dashwood appeared on AEW’s All Out as part of the Women’s Casino Battle Royal in the first match of the night. Dashwood is quite a talented personality, and AEW would be lucky to have a star of her status in their weak Women’s Division.

Elsewhere, All Elite Wrestling World Champion Chris Jericho‘s stolen championship belt was reportedly found by the Tallahassee police. The Police Department of Tallhalasee posted on Facebook that the belt was found, and tagged Chris Jericho in their post.

AEW responded to this post and sent out a tweet thanking the department for finding their prestigious title. The department went on to delete their post later, and their spokesperson said to Tallhaasse.com that the investigation was still underway.

Chris Jericho lost the title while dining at a Steakhouse in Florida, and the whole event became a major talking point in the professional wrestling circles. Some argued that it was merely a ‘work’, but Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer confirmed that it was indeed missing.

No one knows what the current situation is, but as of this writing, AEW confirmed that the title is indeed found.