The Fiend Reportedly Expected to Be the Babyface for His Feud With Randy Orton

Randy Orton is expected to take on The Fiend at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs later this month, and last night on Raw, the build to the match continued.

The Fiend showed some vulnerability when The Viper uncovered his weakness as Alexa Bliss, and Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is now reporting that Bliss and The Fiend are expected to be the babyfaces in this feud.

“In this feud, Bray Wyatt is the babyface because Randy Orton is the master heel in their mind, and he is. He’s great. He’s really great at this.”

This booking is questionable since The Fiend was the one who targeted Randy Orton and cost him a chance to regain the WWE Championship last week on Raw. Alexa Bliss also “murdered” Friendship Frog on The Firefly Fun House which was reportedly a message to Orton.

Despite this, it appears that moving forward, Orton will be the one who is the heel in the storyline as the two strange characters look to play face.

Orton and Wyatt already have history and since it was The Viper who burned down The Wyatt Compound back in 2017 it could be a continuation of this storyline.

That would allow The Apex Predator to fully transform into the monster heel that the WWE Universe is used to seeing.