The Miz Reportedly Set to Lose WWE Championship Before WrestleMania 37

The Miz just won the WWE Championship for the second time in his career, but reports are already saying that this reign will be a short one.

According to Wrestlevotes, the current plans for WrestleMania 37 do not have The Miz in a title match.

Instead, what is instead planned is that former US Champion Bobby Lashley will somehow be in the title picture for WrestleMania 37.

Lashley won the right to challenge The Miz for the WWE Championship by defeating Braun Strowman on WWE Raw last night.

He will face Miz next week on Raw for the title, but it’s not sure whether the title will change hands then, or, given as there is another pay-per-view scheduled for March 21, it could be that the title change will be done there.

The March 21 pay-per-view is Fastlane and it will be the first Peacock exclusive pay-per-view in the US. A sudden title change with WrestleMania implications could be just the thing to get people more interested.

The seeds for Lashley inserting himself into Miz’s title reign run were planted during the Elimination Chamber event.

Miz and MVP were seen talking earlier in the night of the show, and it was confirmed on last night’s Raw that a deal was struck between the two which led Lashley attacking Drew McIntyre before the Miz successfully cashed in the Money in the Bank contract.