The Revival Are Reportedly Happy With Their Current Position In WWE

The former tag team champions were reportedly close to leaving WWE earlier this year

Image via WWE

The Revival were arguably the best tag-team in the world during their time in NXT, delivering classic encounters against the likes of DIY and American Alpha. The duo were promoted to the main roster two years ago, and their run on the top shows hasn’t even remotely been like their NXT stint.

The Revival were reportedly close to leaving WWE earlier this year before they signed a new deal with the company. They were even rewarded with tag-team title reigns to prevent them from joining the new promotion, AEW.

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Revival are currently aligned with the ‘Viper’ Randy Orton and are competing against the New Day on SmackDown Live. They are set to challenge Big E and Xavier Woods for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships on Sunday at Clash of Champions.

Tom Colohue of reported that Revival are apparently happy with their current position in the company. They had several concerns regarding the handling of Tag-Team division, but they seem happy with the changes made to the division this year.

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“From what I’ve been told, they definitely raised concerns about the tag division. Changes have been made since and they are happier going forward with WWE now than they were.”

The Revival are reportedly happy, but the Tag-Team division on RAW is quite a mess currently. Four random superstars are part of two makeshift tag teams, and they will be competing for the RAW tag titles at Clash of Champions.

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The Revival have won the Tag Titles on two occasions this year, and both those runs were far from spectacular. Their rivalry with the Usos was heavily criticized after the twins used cheap comedic techniques to embarrass the Revival (once regarded as the best team in the world!).

One thing is for sure, Revival in a roster filled with Young Bucks, LAX, Lucha Brothers, etc. will create magic on a weekly basis.