The SmackDown Fist Is Reportedly Set To Make a Return On FOX

The iconic fist has never made an appearance on WWE programming in the last few years

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According to several reports, WWE is planning to have a more different and cinematic feel to SmackDown Live, once the blue brand moves to FOX starting in October. SmackDown Live will move to the Friday night timeslot from its current Tuesday 8-10 slot on USA Network.

WWE is currently planning on bringing back the iconic fist for SmackDown Live, as reported by Brad Shepard. With AEW beginning their weekly episodic programming soon, WWE is desperate to steer ahead of any competition from the rival promotion.

As I previously reported, a new set with an Attitude Era-feel is coming to #WWE #SDLive on Fox. I’m told the plan is for the new set to feature the return of the Smackdown fist. The fist is currently ready for use and in storage. #OYDKWS – BRAD SHEPARD ON TWITTER

WWE has recently started the use of certain words on live television, and more and more vicious beatdown segments have appeared on WWE programming in recent weeks. This move is aimed at attracting teenage audiences, who are fond of edgier content and could move to AEW.

The iconic fist from the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression Era is kept in the WWE Warehouse and has never made an appearance on WWE programming in the last few years, even during the special episodes such as SmackDown 1000 last year.

WWE is also looking to bring back the Brand Split completely once the move to FOX takes place, which could mean superstars like Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and the likes remaining exclusive to SmackDown on Friday nights.

WWE’s billion-dollar deal with FOX is seen as a massive game-changer, with FOX broadcasting to a significantly larger audience as compared to USA Network. FOX used to be the home of UFC until earlier this year, when UFC started airing on ESPN.

SmackDown Live debuts on FOX on October 4th, 2019 at 8.00 PM Central.