The Undertaker Has Reportedly Signed ‘Lifetime Contract’ With WWE

The Deadman set foot in WWE about three decades ago

Image via Twitter

The Undertaker will potentially headline WWE Hall Of Fame in the next few years but before that historic mega ceremony takes place, Vince McMahon has made sure that his favorite Superstar doesn’t show up at any other event outside his promotion.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that The Phenom has apparently signed a lifetime contract with WWE taking into account the duration of the deal.

“The new deal Undertaker signed, while not exactly a lifetime contract, is so long that for all intents and purposes it is.”

This essentially explains that the latest WWE contract is perhaps the last one that Taker has signed in his 30-year-long career.

Earlier this year, The Deadman had signed for an appearance at Starrcast II but Vince was quick enough to cough up all the moolah required to lure the 7-time World Champion and bring him back ‘home’.

As previously reported, McMahon wants to protect the mystique of The Undertaker and will go to any lengths to make sure the The Demon From Death Valley stays as intimidating as he was in 1994.

The Deadman will presumably sign a legend’s contract once his new contract expires but that’s a long way from here. After all, this new deal is so lengthy that the 54-year-old Superstar may not be required to sign any other contract during his lifetime!

The good news is the WWE Universe and McMahon won’t have to worry about Taker showing up at non-WWE events anymore.

It won’t be wrong to say that The Phenom is WWE’s sole ‘property’ and will continue to be so even after his retirement from the squared circle.

Over the past 5 years, The Undertaker has been exclusively used as a special attraction for major events. WWE has booked him well except for the dream match against Goldberg at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia that quickly turned out to be the frontrunner for the worst worked match of this year so far.