This Week’s “Security Mishap” On RAW Was Reportedly a Hook

Image via WWE

It’s no secret that WWE is pushing as hard as they can to improve ratings and now that AEW Dynamite is running alongside NXT, the company is pulling out all of the stops with all of their content on the main roster as well.

This past week on RAW, Lana and Bobby Lashley‘s story continued and since they were unable to officially marry last week, the pastor was brought back to RAW to officially unite the couple with the public as their witnesses.

The issue here was the fact that Rick Malone who portrayed the pastor rolled into the ring quickly after AJ Styles exited following his match with Akira Tozawa and WWE’s security seemingly believed he was a fan and tried to drag him back out of the ring.

Malone himself has commented on the blunder from security and tried to make his case on Facebook by saying it was a miscommunication on behalf of the company’s officials and security. According to a source from Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, there is some thought that the “security mishap” that has seemingly taken over wrestling’s social media over the past few days could have been a hook to maintain viewership.

Of course, WWE fans have been known to drop out of the action in the last hour and so the company could now have decided to take drastic measures to ensure that their fanbase tunes in for the full show in the future.

This is just a rumor from an unnamed source, but in the past, WWE has been known to stoop to very low levels in order to ensure that their fans are still tuning in. The Lana and Bobby Lashley story in recent weeks is one of the new lows for WWE but as long as fans are still watching then WWE will continue to push the content.