Three Interesting Names Reportedly Heading Into The WWE Hall Of Fame 2020

Image via WWE

WWE has already announced that this year’s Hall of Fame will see The Animal Batista and The NWO headlining the event, but there are still a number of names yet to be announced for this year’s class.

In years gone by, WWE has begun making announcements following the Royal Rumble regarding the Hall of Fame Class of each specific year. This year because the headliners we already announced it appears that the company has decided to wait and make the announcements following the trip to Saudi Arabia on February 27th instead.

According to a report by WrestleVotes, it appears that the company has already decided on a number of names for this year’s class.

Justin ‘Thunder’ Liger is one of the men who have been around the sport for a number of decades and even returned to wrestle Tyler Breeze at Takeover a few years ago. Liger is definitely worthy of his spot in this year’s Hall of Famer, but The Bella Twins definitely come as a shock.

Brie and Nikki recently announced that they were both pregnant at the same time, which means that both women will be around 20 weeks pregnant by the time the Hall of Fame ceremony takes place at the beginning of April.

Brie and Nikki are credited with beginning the Divas Revolution since they were able to get more eyes on the product through Total Divas and Total Bellas. Nikki is also still the longest-reigning Divas Champion in WWE history which could be why the two women are seen as representatives of an era that no longer exists in WWE.

Their mutual pregnancies seem to suggest that The Bella Twins have officially retired from the ring, which means that their inductions into the Hall of Fame could be WWE’s way of closing the chapter on The Bella Twins and moving forward with the current Women’s Revolution which has so far been able to smash through a number of glass ceilings over the past few years.