Three Members of RETRIBUTION Identified From This Week’s Episode of Raw

Liv Morgan was about to defeat Nia Jax last night on Raw before RETRIBUTION invaded once again, but this time the group delivered a promo from behind the screen.

“This ThunderDome is only a facade. Behind this mountain of screens is the same foundation, the same WWE as before. The same behemoth that discarded and disowned us, leaving us to survive in an unfair world where the powerful continue to grow, while we are left to feed off nothing but the scraps of contempt.”

This was the first time the WWE Universe has heard the group speak, and while their voices had been distorted, there are a number of fans online who were able to take down the level of distortion and reveal who the stars were that were speaking last night.

Mia Yim and Dominik Dijakovic have been linked to the group for a number of weeks and were two of the stars confirmed to have been part of the group again last night.

The Wrestling Observer also claimed that Mojo Rawley was the man leading the group on last night’s episode.

It’s unknown if this is a permanent role for the former Hype Bro, or if he’s another face who has been given a place in the group until they are unmasked.

“We now have five members. One of them is clearly Dijakovic and one of them is clearly Mia Yim.” Meltzer added, “One of them is Mojo [Rawley].”