Thunder Rosa Reportedly Wanted By WWE, AEW, and NWA

Thunder Rosa recently teased her next pro wrestling move by revealing the three plausible options – WWE, AEW, and NWA.

The former NWA Women’s Champion is getting a ton of attention and fans can’t stop speculating the next company she will work for.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez reported that Thunder Rosa is in demand from WWE, AEW, and NWA.

“I can tell you this, she’s wanted by everybody. NWA doesn’t want to lose her, AEW would love to have her, and WWE wants everybody that everybody wants. So, she has a lot of options.”

It remains to be seen which promotion lands the talented 34-year-old wrestler, but Rosa herself isn’t too sure about signing with WWE due to the restrictions Vince McMahon imposes on his Superstars.

“The impression I was given was that she was probably going to go to WWE, but then she did an interview the other day saying that she wants to do all these outside things.”