Tom Phillips’ Reported New Role In WWE, Mickie James To Replace Jerry Lawler On RAW?


WWE SmackDown switches over to FOX next week with a fresh commentary team consisting of Michael Cole as the lead play-by-play announcer, Corey Graves serving as “analyst” and Renee Young being listed as “special contributor”.

This puts a big question mark over the immediate future of Tom Phillips, the 30-year old TV persona who has served as the lead voice of The Blue Show since April 2017.

Sean Ross Sapp is reporting that Phillips will be getting busy with some “producing” as part of his new role in WWE.

I’ve heard that as of right now Tom Phillips will be doing some “producing.” That term is very broad and vague in WWE.

This week was Phillips’ last at the SmackDown announcement table. Simply put, WWE is moving him off of television on a weekly basis. Fans are expecting Tom to reprise his role as a backstage interviewer down the line.

On the RAW side, Vic Joseph will be leading the charge, accompanied by “analysts” Dio Maddin and Hall Of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler.

However, Lawler’s role could be temporary, and WWE’s recent action just happens to confirm the speculation.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that Mickie James could potentially replace Lawler on Monday Night RAW. WWE had the 7-time Women’s Champion on the Main Event commentary team this week, and that says a lot given Renee is headed to SmackDown and RAW needs to come up with a suitable female voice at the earliest.

“According to sources, Lawler will likely only be used for a short period of time on Raw. We’re told other people are being looked at for the spot on a full-time basis.”

James is way past her prime and at 40, she doesn’t have much left to offer in the ring. Her title feud with Alexa Bliss was lackluster and her subsequent heel turn ruined the little that was left of her character.

If James can prove her commentary skills, the WWE Universe could soon boast of a promising female announcer alongside Renee.